Additional Pets



Add Extra Pets or People to your final Custom Pets Art Pawtrait.

Price includes x1 Extra Pet or Person to your final artwork.

*Must have purchased a CPA product online. Excluding e-Gift Cards. 


ADDITIONAL – Please include an extra pet/person to my final Custom Pets Art pawtrait.


TIME FRAMES – Please allow 2 business days from the date I receive your request. You will then receive a link via WeTransfer to download your unique pet portrait.


CHARITY – $2.00 AUD from each Custom Pets Art sale will be donated to GUIDE DOGS NSW/ACT.


*PLEASE NOTE – these are digital prints, NOT hand painted.


Custom Pets Art and Inhouse Pixels copyright © these artworks. All rights reserved. Any purchase is strictly for non-commercial, personal use only. You may print and display these designs in your home, business or public place but you may not resell, reproduce, distribute by electronic means or profit in any way from these designs. Any questions please send us an email.

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