Custom Pets Art is an Australian owned business – and as an animal lover I know the joys that pet’s bring into our lives and the passionate bond you share with your pets. These custom artworks celebrate the special bond between you and your pets. 

I take pride in my artworks and strive to capture your pet’s essence. Each pawtrait is made with love and is one-of-a-kind because so are our pets. Whether you’re looking for a portrait of your dog, cat, or any other beloved pet, I’m dedicated to providing you with a unique piece that you will treasure for years to come.

Please kindly take note that the artworks I offer are provided as digital prints. They are skillfully crafted using either Photoshop or an iPad and the ProCreate software, resulting in high-quality digital creations. Whether it’s a vibrant digital portrait or a life like oil painting, it is important to emphasise that these artworks are not hand-painted but meticulously designed using digital techniques.

Join the growing Custom Pets Art family with your very own meaningful pawtrait that will honor your pet for years to come too.

Custom Pets Art Pawtraits AU Australia Oz Online Shop
Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz

| EST. Nov 2019 |

Custom Pets Art Pawtraits AU Australia Oz Online Shop 5 Stars


This Pet Wall project stands as a remarkable achievement, thanks to the collective effort of all involved. Special thanks go to Louise from Alvive Hair Design for initiating this project, Alyssa for connecting Louise with my pet pawtraits, the Signaram crew for executing the project with such beauty and of course, the Unanderra community for their enthusiastic participation.

The cherry on top of this incredible journey was the privilege of meeting some of the pet owners and their furry companions during the unveilingof the 84 pet pawtraits needed to complete this project. Go check it out at 31 Waples Road, Unanderra NSW 2526.

Custom Pets Art Pawtraits AU Australia Oz Online Shop


Although I’ve had many different pets over the years. This adventure of creating unique pawtraits started because of these two pooches. My love for these two combined with my passion for graphic design and art – it all seemed fitting to share these skills with others who adore their pets too.

Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz
Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz


Lilly the gorgeous choc Lab. She’s super smart, loves her food and long runs on the beach. Best friend to Pablo, the kids and pretty much anyone with food, lol – seriously how can you resist those feed me eyes?

Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz


This beautiful boy may look and act tough, but he’s a gentle giant. A little bit of a doofus, always looking out for Lilly, super fussy with his food and takes forever to eat – probably why his Lilly’s best friend.


Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz
Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz
Custom Pets Art Portraits AU Australia Oz

Graphic Design started for me way back in high school along with my passion for photography and art… though my parents would tell you I was creating beautiful art from the second I could hold a pencil – especially on the walls of our family home back in Melbourne. My first design job was for our end of year photography exhibition to finalise my Diploma in Visual Arts, Fine Arts Photography called “thirteen”. This ignited my love for Photoshop, and opened my eyes to the graphic design and marketing industry.

Today I am blessed that this has prevailed into the present. I have been in the design and print industry along the South Coast of New South Wales since 2001 and I’m still loving it today whilst living in the beautiful Illawarra region. Inhouse Pixels and Custom Pets Art is another way to share my skills and love of art across different social media platforms. Graphic design, photography, painting – it’s all creative meditation for me, I truly love what I do.

Pets of all sorts have always been a part of my life from a very young age. Initially I was a bit of a cat lover until my second son was born and we found out he was allergic. We then turned to other types of pets. Our first dog was a gorgeuos Cocker Spaniel named Oshi. We also had 2 Siamese fighting fish called Mu-Shu and Noodles along with 2 Cockatiels named Lyrics and Chisel. As the family grew we embraced two more gold fish called Aphroditus and Hercules and two dogs – Lilly and Pablo.